Monday, January 5, 2009

Who wore egyptian jewelry

People who wore alot of the jewelry were the weathy. but what i dont think is fair is that most people who made the jewelry were not as wealthy and did not get to wear the gold and silver jewelry with stone,but jewelry made of clay and rocks. i just dont think that that sis fair because they made it and they have every right to wear it. :) lol

eyptian jewerly style

Egyptian jewerly had many different styles. many ways that the jewerly was worn was religous and spirtral. i think i spelled taht right:) lol. the jewelry was worn in many ways like one popular way to wear the jewelry was round the wrist,head,neck and chest. for people who learn visual like me :) lol well heres a pic.

Monday, December 15, 2008


The earliest known record concerning the making of jewelry is found in Egypt.Cool huh?:) Egyptian craftsman or what some people would call them metalworkers or jeweler were very important in the process of making Egyptian jewelry for it was his job to cut and engrave the many small stones found in almost all Egyptian work. The jeweller was not only a skilled craftsman who made ornaments for personal adornment, but a goldsmith and engraver of metals for any purpose, including the minting of coins.Now that sounds like a herd job. The jeweler used many different materials to make jewelry like gold,silver,stones,and i bet that the jewelry they made were very pretty.=] the jeweler also smelt, felt, and tasted the jewelry to see if it was made correctly. Yeah i know a little weird huh? lol. But what was also weird was that everyone wore it but manly the wealthy, and when i say everyone i mean everyone including the boys. Now that is just a little weird!!! lol guess why they wore jewelry!! well its because of religious believes and they also thought it brought magical powers and protection. Yea i know that crazy lol but hey different people have different believes.Well now u know a little bit about Egyptian jewelry maybe you want to learn more? well if you go to the bottom of my profile you can get some information with the websites and books i posted. =) hope u enjoyed!!

Why did egyptian people wear jewelry?

Not only did Egyptians wear jewelry because of the beauty but also beause of religious believes. They thought that it brought magical powers and protection.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

materals used to make jewelry

The information I read, Egyptian jewelry makers or what some people would call them metalworkers, used lot of different jewels and stones. Some of the beautiful jewels and stones used were turquoise, carelian, and gold. I bet the jewelry they made were very pretty. :)
here is a picture of a ancient Egyptian jewelry Pretty huhh???:)

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